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Genome Sequence Informatics

Software development in service of cancer bioinformatics

GSI is a team of bioinformaticians and software developers at Ontario Institute for Cancer Research that develop, maintain, and operate the core analysis infrastructure, analyze genomic data produced at the institute, and support collaborators and researchers with their bioinformatics analysis.

To support these activities, we have developed a large suite of open-source software that can be found under our Github organizations: oicr-gsi and miso-lims.

For more information and shinier graphics including information about working with us, please visit OICR Genomics and Bioinformatics.

Laboratory tracking

To support our wetlab colleagues, we develop a variety of apps for laboratory tracking that also play nicely with downstream computational tools. For more of our lab tracking software, visit the miso-lims Github organisation.


One of our main goals is to automate as much analysis, validation, and reporting as possible and we’ve built a suite of APIs and software to help.

General Purpose

Analysis Infrastructure

Bioinformatics Tools

Contact us

Contact us either through the Github issue tracker on any project or in our Gitter room.